Steelhead Season, 2007

Steelhead Season, 2007 Reports

Update 3/8/2007:  Steelhead season closed yesterday, and basically we had only 3 good weeks of fishing out of 3 months. Without the needed rain before the season opened to bring the fish in and spread them out through the systerm, fishing was slower than normal. Many fish were caught, even in the low water, but I would have liked to see plenty of water so the fish could move in and out easier.

Update 2/27/2007:  Streams are running muddy today and probably tomorrow too. Some showers predicted for today and tomorrow, but a good weekend coming and some fishing too.

Update 2/22/2007:  We had enough rain to color the water a little, but not enough to bring it up much. It looks beautiful today, and it (the rain) probably brought new fish into the system. Tomorrow should be a good chance to get a fish.

Update 2/20/2007:  Water low and clear, but with the possibility of a storm due in Wed and Thurs, there should be better fishing this weekend. We have several reports of fish caught this past weekend. So, hope for the rain

Update 2/14/2007:  Water is beautiful today!! Haven't heard of any fish caught yet, but it is still early. There were some beautiful, fresh fish caught on Monday.

Update 2/13/2007:  River came up about 5 feet and reports of some nice fish hooked. Should be good fishing on Wednesday and the weekend gives us another 3 days to play. Good Luck!!

Update 2/10/2007:  The fish are smiling as are the fishermen this morning!!! Rain began yesterday with heavier amounts sometime during the night. Checking the river this morning, it is muddy and needs a lot more rain to wash the dried leaves and etc out. However, the fish will be able to navigate!!! If it doen't rain too much there should be some fishing. Monday, Feb 12 is a FISH DAY!!

Update 1/17/2007:  Here it is the middle of January and the season is half over and we haven't even fished yet!! There were half a dozen fish sighted in the lagoon yesterday, and whether they went out again we don't know. Not many fishing, everyone waiting for it to rain. This year is completely different from last year in that last year we had too much rain and this year not enough.

Update 12/29/2006:  Steelheaders . . this is a three day weekend, but the water is low and fishing has been slow. The rain we all hoped we'd get was not enough, but there should be some fish caught this weekend. Go fishing!!

Update 12/22/2006:  We received over an inch of rain which muddied the river and probably brought new fish into the systerm. Should be fishable tomorrow and the bigger fish should be arriving. The river is beautful so get out there and go fishing!!

Update 12/21/2006:  Time is right! If we had the water, and hopefully, some rain with this system, the bigger fish should be showing up anytime. It's time to get your gear together, and make sure you're ready!!

Update 12/10/2006:  Hooray! We got some rain! 1.8 inches in the city, should be enough to bring some fish in. If it doesn't rain too much more, we could see some fish caught on Wednesday. This time of year, the fish may be small, but it's a good time to get out and check the river, check out your tackle, waders and gear, and get ready for the coming season!

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